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Co robi Brytyjczyk na wakacjach?

Zapewne wielu z Was nie mogło doczekać się wakacji! Muszę przyznać, że i ja wypatrywałam ich z utęsknieniem, ponieważ lato to moja ulubiona pora roku. W zasadzie mogłyby dla mnie nie istnieć pozostałe :D Nie przeszkadzają mi nawet upały :) A propos wakacji, to czy wiecie jak spędzają je Brytyjczycy? Poniżej znajdziecie wypowiedzi kilku mieszkańców Wysp, którzy zdradzają nam jak wyglądają ich letnie wakacje. Wpis powstał w ramach akcji "W 80 blogów dookoła świata", nie zapomnijcie więc zajrzeć i na inne blogi, których spis znajdziecie na końcu postu. Jak spędzają wakacje mieszkańcy kraju X? Sama jestem ciekawa jak temat wakacji ugryźli pozostali blogerzy!

 Alan, 49, computer programmer:

I'm a working man, so I have no fixed summer holidays. I will take a week at most. I go to the seaside in  Kent or to Yorkshire. I will visit museums, castles, go for walks in the country or go to the beach. I go with my family. My favourite place to go is Yorkshire. Yorkshire is my home. It is where I was raised. I am from the city of York, which is a very beautiful city. I never travel abroad.

John, 27, student:

My summer holidays usually last only about a week or so. I usually spend them visiting friends in the Netherlands or Norway. I like sitting around playing computer games together, going for walks in the countryside/by the sea. My favourite place is probably a beach where I can swim (because I love being in the water), laze around in the warm sunshine (because it's all relaxing and lovely), build a sand castle (because I'm basically a big child), and maybe climb on the rocks and look for crabs and things (because looking at wildlife is great).

Silver, 24, works in a marketing department:

My summer holidays last at least 1 month and I spend them outside of UK (travel around the world). I travel alone cause my friends don't have time to travel so much. I learn about culture, meet local people. Enjoy the amazing nature and history... and of course eat lots of amazing food. My favourite place to go is Thailand - Krabi Ao Nang, it has beautiful beaches, islands... food there is lovely and local people are so laid back and friendly. Every time I go there im relaxed no stress , weather is always sunny makes people smile.

Mert, 20, a gap year student:

I'm planning to go to Bulgaria on 11th of July from London. I will be in Bulgaria for 35 days. I'm a gap year student so my summer holiday can be really long and I do not have any time limitation. Generally I go to Bulgaria because that's where my family comes from. Other than that, I do travel to Greece and Turkey as well. They are just 3-4 hours drive away and such an amazing locations. I pretty much party every night and during the day I just sip my beer next to a swimming pool. Sometimes we go for fishing but almost every evening we party. I spend few evenings with my family by having a family dinners at restaurants. Generally I'm with my cousins and friends. My favourite destination is city of Sunny Beach in Bulgaria. An amazing city with unbelievable nightlife. It's really attractive for a foreigner like me because British pounds is quite strong compared to Bulgarian leva. So we can pretty much afford everything at Sunny Beach.

Storm, 35, physiotherapist:

My summer holidays are 21 days. I usually go abroad to explore and experience different cultures. I spend my holidays with family and friends. My favourite destination is Canada because of the scenery and vast country. I visit Bannff springs hotel, go to Vancouver and sight see each visit.

Dave, 60, retired:

I used to go abroad on holiday with my wife at least once a year, but now I don't work we have bought a holiday apartment on the east coast of England and go there whenever we can. We take our dog with us as it is only 2 hours away and so my time is spent walking on the beach with my dog, walking into town to see the attractions, or just sitting around reading.Sometimes we go alone, but often friends and family join us there when we go. Obviously this is now my favourite holiday destination.

Rio, 33, accountant:

My summer holidays - usually 2 weeks or less :p
I spend them anywhere... I'd like to do it in more interesting places of my own choice, to really know a place, to do some research and then visit but these days its with family, so usually resorts – Europe. My favourite destination - not sure yet .. maybe Dubai but I could say Spain.

James, 44, estate agent:

I normally have a week holiday at Easter then a two week in august or the other way around. I like to vary where I go. Recent trips have been in to USA, France, Cuba, UK, Spain, Turkey and Italy.I like to sit by the pool, swim in the sea, visit historic sites, walk in the countryside, visit leisure arks, museums, go shopping and visit restaurants! I always go with my family. I have a wife and three children. We sometimes also have extended family accompany us. I don't have a particular favourite destination. Lots of places give me a buzz! California was charming but very modern whilst france is adorable. I like Greece and Italy for the history, Barbados for the beach and UK holidays for the convenience. I have thought seriously about visiting Poland especially the ancient forest in the east. Some of older cities too. There are cheap flights from here to Poland so I should try it!

Craig, 37, prison officer:

Normally 2 weeks in the summer is the longest we get off.  I prefer to visit a city or cities where there are things to see as opposed to beaches and sea. I love going to Germany and Eastern Europe especially. Poland included, its great to experience different foods, drinks, meet different people. Its like most people who go to Spain and Greece from here, and when you get there you find you are surrounded by people from your own home country, I think that's  boring and pointless. I like to visit museums, see sights and historical places. I also like to just watch people going about their daily business, just sitting having a beer or a coffee while people hurry around.  I'd quite happily go abroad on my own, I'd have no problem finding people to speak to as I like meeting people from different places. But normally it's easier to go abroad with family, in my case my girlfriend (she has suffered me for 10 years now haha). I've never been out of Europe before but I've been to maybe 28 countries in Europe itself. I'd have to say Germany would be my favourite, despite what people say I find Germans to be extremely friendly people (particularly towards us Scots). Berlin is a truly fantastic city with so much to see and do there. Prague is also an awesome city, as is Barcelona. Honestly, I could go on and on, I liked Vilnius, Poznan seemed great too. Aww its so difficult to pick the best really. 

Brian, 60, retired teacher:

I am over 60 and as I have retired holidays can be taken at any tie of the year and as it is usually cheaper to holiday out of the main season, that is what we normally do - so this year we are taking a 10 day holiday to Spain (by air to Madrid for 2 nights then by train to Malaga) starting next Sunday 21st June, and a 16 day coach holiday in September across France right down to the 'heel' of Italy. Our holidays vary; when we go to the south of Spain it is for the sunshine, but most holidays are to explore the regions we go to or pass through. We also like to meet people and talk with them. When our four children were small I had a 7 seater minibus and we used to tour mainly in France, But we also took them on the English canal where we were able to hire narrow boats. This is an amazingly slow means of transport and we often completed only 150 kilometres in a week, but the children enjoyed opening the locks and bridges. Now they have left home I and my wife travel together. Our means of transport also varies. We often take the car (now a smaller one!) on the ferry or tunnel across to France and drive onwards. I have driven to the south of France, Spain, Italy and Austria amongst other destinations.  We often fly to our destination and have recently gone to Malaga and Hamburg. Occasionally we take the train and last year made our way in stages to Sorrento by train and then flew home after the holiday. We used Sorrento as a base to visit Pompeii and Herculaneum. Sometimes we choose a coach holiday as everything is organised and we have visited Belgium, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. We have also visited St Petersburg (the Russian one!) and India, flying to Delhi and then by train (a beautiful 'toy train') to Shimla. As for a favourite destination, it is almost impossible to say as we have visited so many different and widely differing places. Essentially, I would say my favourite place is Paris which we have visited many times, but St Petersburg is stunning and Shimla, unforgettable. Sorrento has also some happy memories especially travelling on the local trains. Nice, Marseille, Bordeaux and Angouleme are some of our favourite places in France. I could go on!! Finally I would like to add that we do actually visit places in Britain, usually on coach holidays but sometimes we take the train or I drive. Before retiring we took only one main holiday a year, but since retiring...!

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  1. Bardzo ciekawa forma posta :) Fajnie, że Brytyjczykom podoba się nasz Poznań :D

    1. Zawsze to miło jak pojawia się polski akcent w takich wypowiedziach :D

    2. Znajomy Anglik zapytany, dlaczego w tym roku nie przyjeżdża do Warszawy odpisał, że jak zatęskni za Polską to odwiedzi Hammersmith ;)

  2. Ciao :) Ja jestem wielbicielem Basenu Morza Śródziemnego więc Hiszpania, Włochy, Francja i Włochy. No, Portugalia na dodatek, bo wydaje mi się być najbardziej egzotyczna :) Widziałam, że u wielu wypowiedziach te kraje się przewinęły :) Z Grecją jest teraz mały WIELKI problem, więc niech lepiej Brytyjczycy przyjeżdżają do Włoch, a najlepiej do Toskanii :)


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