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St Patrick's Day! A Board Game

Hello there! How are you my dear readers? Can you feel the spring in the air? To be honest, I cannot wait it! The sun makes me more optimistic and I feel like gaining new super powers to prepare something for you!
Do you remember what people in Irland and Irish communities all over the world celebrate on 17th March?
Yes, you're right! It's Saint Patrick's Day! Again, I decided to prepare a board game to have a bit of fun with my students. I think you can use it for different levels, it all depends on tasks you give your students with the board. I also thought of a few ways to play it so you can choose your favourite one! I recommend you to print the game on a green sheet of paper.

GAME 1: Play in 2 teams (devide your students or let them devide as they want), you have to prepare a set of 25 questions/sentences before the lesson. It's your choice whether the sentences are about St Patrick's Day and his life (I think it's good for older students who can read/watch St Patrick's story before the game) or you can prepare some sentences related to the topic or grammar you've been practising during your English lessons recently. Then, when you have a list of questions/sentences, let your students play. You need a dice and two counters. Each team moves from the start to the finish. Explain the students that evey time they are on a shamrock, they are lucky. Lucky can mean moving one step forword or an extra throw (you decide). Every time students are on a number, they get a question/task from your list to solve. When the answer is right, they can continue the game. If they are wrong, the other team can throw a dice twice.

GAME 2: Students play in pairs. Every time one of the student stands on a shamrock, he must answer the other student's question (tell them they must know the answer to the question they want to ask). If a person doesn't know the answer, he must move back 5 spaces. The task is to be the first to finish the game, leaving the oponent behind. 

GAME 3: The teacher must check the whole game and the students' answers so I think the best idea would be to play it in tw teams. The teacher asks students some questions so you can practice some speaking. Depending on where they stand: even numbers (cyfry parzyste) - grammar question, odd numbers (cyfry nieparzyste) - vocabulary question. A shamrock means they are lucky so they have an extra move. 

GAME 4: Same like in game 3 but when students are on even numbers - do a physical exercise (e.g. jump or do jumping jacks) or pretend an animal (here you can be as creative as you want or let your students be creative); odd numbers - sing something in English (it can be just a few lines because the whole song would last too long or answer the teacher's question)

I hope you like my ideas! If you use the game or any of the ways to play it or you invent your own rules, please share it with me in a comment!


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